Should We Raise Our Children in the Nude??

Dear Couch,

My wife and I have been married for nearly three years and we are now trying to start a family.  After talking to our friends and other family members with kids, we realize that children will substantially change our lifestyle and we are more than willing to accept those changes.  While we have tried our best to educate and prepare ourselves for raising kids, there is one question that we have not been able to fully investigate (for obvious reasons) and we thought you might be able to offer us some advice.

Both my wife and I prefer to be nude at home most of the time. I hesitate to call ourselves nudists since we do not go to nude beaches or socialize with anyone in the buff, we simply have gotten comfortable living without clothing while we are within the confines of our house.  The question that we have not been able to get an answer to is whether this can, or even should, continue after we have children.  We certainly don’ t want to harm or warp our future kids, but we would like to have them feel comfortable with their own bodies.  We certainly do not want our kids to just drop their drawers in front of other people and we would want to limit any nudity to within our home and only when we don’ t have guests.  Is this possible or is it even prudent?  Will we harm our children by allowing them to see us nude?  Is there an age at which it is unhealthy to be naked with your kids?  Are we asking for trouble?  Should we just put our clothes back on and act a little more normal, or is there a middle ground?

Thanks for your time

Dear Freaky,

You could get away with the home nudist bit for a few years but after that it's bound to become a major headache. Think about it. Your 'little Johnny' tells his sand box buddy 'little Suzy' she doesn't have breasts cause he's seen breasts flopping around his house all the time. Of course, 'little Suzy' tells her mom what you said and in a matter of moments you're on the local news as satanic pedophiles. Why bother. Put on some comfortable cotton shorts and t-shirts and raise your child. The only middle ground we see is waiting until your kid hits the road for college or whatever. By then, you'll tell each other to cover the hell up! To be honest, you could probably get better advice on parenting from Ted Kaczynski than you could from us so here's a standard parenting help site ParentSoup. We're sure they would get a kick out of this question on their message boards!

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