My Friend has a Stone for Premature Ejaculation?!

Dear Couch,

A friend of mine has, what I can only describe as a ' small brown rocky thing' . It's very small, and well I guess you're wondering what this has to do with anything. Well this ' stone' he takes into the bathroom before having sex, and he spits in his hand, and rubs the ' stone' in it for a little and it creates a white film. He then rubs this white film over the head of his cock. Now, here's the thing. Supposedly whenever he uses it, it makes it so he can't cum. So he just goes on for hours and can't cum. My question is, what is this ' stone' , how does it work, and is it harmful. He said he got it for like $100, so I'm assuming it must be either, very rare, or some type of illegal drug of some kind. I have yet to try it, but was wondering if you knew any more about it. Like I said, he's a good friend of mine, and I doubt he's lying about it's ' capabilities' . Thanks for any info you might have on it.


Dear Jim,

Spit in your hands and rub them back and forth for a little while. There's your white film. You can rub it on your dick before having sex but we doubt it will have the desired effect you want. Just because this guy is a friend of yours doesn't mean he won't pull your leg or whatever. However, let's assume your friend's story is true. We've never seen nor can we find a 'stone' for premature ejaculation. A couple of products on the market which may help with PE are Durex's Maintain Lubricant and Sta-Hard Desensitizing Lubricant.

Before we talk about some more permanent solutions to premature ejaculation we want to talk about the 'cause'. Let's understand that this 'disorder' is not a unique condition at all. Realize that our current evolutionary state is the result of egg meeting sperm in the primates that came before us. That means that over millions of years, the primate that got that his sperm in there before the female became disinterested or the pack alpha male caught him boinking his piece was sure to procreate. Thus the quick trigger is a state of our evolutionary process in our opinion. That doesn't mean we can't control it!

The two methods for this are meant to be practiced by a couple but there's no reason you can't do these while you jerk off. They are the 'stop start' and 'squeeze' techniques and should basically be combined. Simply put, the 'stop start' method is exactly what it sounds like. When you feel ejaculation coming on, stop until you feel in control and then continue, stopping again when necessary. The 'squeeze' method in our humble opinion is an addition to the 'stop start'. After stopping, squeeze your penis just under the head circling with your thumb and index finger, again, until the ejaculation feeling subsides. If you feel the ejaculation is too far gone and is coming no matter what then you waited too long to stop. A great book on the issue of controlling premature ejaculation is Male Sexual Endurance. It's not a stone but you could spit on it and rub it between your hands for a while.

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