I'm Allergic to Latex Condoms!

Dear Couch,

It is true that some people (women) are allergic to rubber condoms, right? What are the symptoms and what is there to do? If not is there any other reason that there would be feminine itching besides a yeast infection? or would the rubber condoms be causing the itching?

Rubber Man

Dear Latex Curious,

Yes, it is true that some people are allergic to latex. Here's a page that addresses the question, 'Are You Latex Allergic?' which describes the symptoms. The only way to know for sure is to consult an allergist for the appropriate blood test but if you suspect your itchy crotch to be the result of a rubber then we suggest trying a polyurethane condom. Another possibility could be a sensitivity to spermicide, assuming the condoms you're using are spermicide lubricated. Give a nonspermicide condom a shot and see if you get any relief.

As to other reasons for the pooty itch, sex itself can cause it. We learned that from the source, who else but Vagisil! Even your exercise regiment can cause your crotch to drive you nuts. Their site is actually pretty informative, including the page ' Why We Itch' .

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