Will Intense Fondling and Sucking Cause my Real Lactation to Start?

Dear Couch,

Hi. Love your column. I am currently 7 months pregnant and have gone from a 34C to a 38E. My newfound breasts and hormones have made me an obsessed, fondling crazy woman. I am finding I could have sex with just about anything, and am constantly looking for ways to pleasure myself (an all day thing) since my husband isn't home a lot. Any suggestions? My question is...It seems my breasts have already started leaking. Will intense fondling and sucking cause my real lactation to start? Will I use up all the colostrum before the baby gets any of it. Thanks for your advice!


Dear Sex Machine,

We hope you're not complaining about your increased sex drive. We're sure your husband isn't! It's normal to start expressing a little bit of milk before giving birth, and it won't lessen the amount of milk you have for the baby. If anything there will be more, since breast milk production is purely a supply and demand situation. Lots of nipple play may make you have more milk expression while pregnant now than most women, but it's still not your ' real lactation' . Enjoy yourself. If your husband finds he has a taste for the milk as well,don't be surprised, but it can lead to a few tricky situations. Just look at what happened to this lactating couple that wrote in.

As to how to please your new burning desire, go ahead and get a vibrator and/or clitoral stimulator. Your hubby may be a little threatened by your new toys but as long as you assure him (and yourself) that no device can replace him, he may welcome a little of the pressure being taken off him. The best online store we can suggest for sex toys is Good Vibrations and it's not because they gave us a great review in their book The Woman's Guide to Sex on the Web. They are a female-centric toy store and not one of those tacky plastic crap stores. Here's a place to get you started on choosing that special new friend.

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