My Girlfriend Won't Give Me Head?

Dear Couch,

This one is for sure a quite old guys problem, but I'll ask you anyway in the hope of getting some advice )
My girlfriend (she's 27) is a really cute and nice woman, but when it comes to the fellatio thing... no way. I tried to talk about it with her, but it just seems that she thinks it's " perverted" or something. Well, I personally really like that technique and also did some oral sex on her (which she kinda enjoyed). Lately, I've heard that her ex-boyfriend was very rude to her when he was drunken, forcing her to blow him in some way. Of course, I was shocked and felt sorry for her. Now I ask you, is there something we can do about it? Does she probably need some help?

Thanks for your time!,
Chris (from Europe)

Dear Lonely Dick,

If you wish to believe your girlfriend doesn't want to blow you because of some kind of emotional trauma with a past lover, go ahead. She won't argue with you, until you start trying to get her into therapy for it. Face it. Your lover doesn't enjoy pleasuring you orally. All this means is she is a bad lover. Some may find that to be harsh but let's face it, either one sucks at giving head (we can never resist that pun) and there's no hope for them and they might as well not try or one doesn't care enough to try and be a good oral lover. It may be that she is unsure of her ability to do this well, so here's a page on How to Suck Cock or try Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man.

Your implication that your lover was orally raped by a past boyfriend and needs to get past this is sufficiently vague enough to tell us either one or both of you is grasping for any  exemption from her oral duty. If she were truly traumatized then she should most certainly already be working through this issue for herself and to be the best partner she can for you. So it looks like you should either resign yourself to a relationship without fellatio or consider moving on to a more compatible sexual partner.

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