My Boyfriend is a Panty Freak!

Dear Couch,

My boyfriend and I have lived together for 2 years. We have a family and our sex life is great. Six months ago I found my underwear in a bag hidden. When I opened the bag I was shocked. It looks like he has ripped a hole in the groin area and possibly masturbated while wearing them. All I know is this is hard for me to comprehend why he would do this. Can you give me some insight on this bizarre behavior. Could drugs be a factor?


Dear Welcome to ' Surprise!' ,

If in fact your significant other did wear your panties and jerk off through a ripped hole, you may have discovered a very secret aspect to him which he obviously is not prepared to share with you. We're going to scold you first for snooping, as you most certainly have. Just because two people are involved in a relationship and even have a family together doesn't mean they can't have any secrets. Stop your damn snooping! But in regards to your boyfriend's possible fetish, it's of course a little too late for that.

Your boyfriend may very well have a transvestite fetish. This is a paraphillia that involves sexual gratification from wearing female clothing NOT the common drag queen understanding of 'transvestite'. These are very different! There are hordes of men who privately dress in women's clothing to become sexually aroused. Not because they want to be women but because that is what gets them off! Just like some guys get off on amputees. Question is, what to do about it?! You could confront your boyfriend but be warned! This is his most private shit! You blow the lid off this Pandora's box you better be ready to deal with the fallout. Leave it alone and you'll always wonder. It's up to you. We only suggest you be supportive either way. It's not like it was someone else's panties, so at least he's keeping his fetish emotionally attached to you.

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