I'm Torn Between Two Siblings and I Don't Want to Hurt Either One.

Dear Couch,

Right now, I am dating a wonderful guy. He's sweet, romantic, intelligent, kind, and a GREAT lover. At this point, I'm sure you are wondering what the problem is. After all, I am dating the love of my life, who adores me. Ok, here goes. I have been bi for as long as I can remember. Although, I have had a few one night stands with various women, I have kept the relationships to men. The other night, I met a wonderful woman. We met at a bar and I ended up at her hotel room. A few months later, my boyfriend invited me to a family dinner, where he introduced me to his sister, with whom he is extremely close. You guessed it, his sister was the woman at the bar. She promised she would keep our " affair" a secret. But the more I see her (and I see her a lot since she just moved to our city) the more I like her and want her. She feels the same way. What should I do? I'm torn between two siblings and I don't want to hurt either one.

The Conflicted Lover

Dear Excuses,

Here we go again with the " I'm Bi and just can't make up my mind" BULLSHIT! PLEASE! We are so tired of you people that use the excuse of bisexuality as a means of escaping monogamy. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL! No one gives a flying fuck if you can get off with a man, a woman, and/or your poodle. Jumping jesus on a pogo stick! You act like your hetero partners have no other choices than you. There are many other men. women, and/or poodles in the world. Your partner has chosen to be monogamous with you alone in the symbolic manner that means serious caring in our culture.

So, while 'dating the love of' your life you just happen to find yourself in a bar where you just happened to meet another female les/bi. Then you just happened to find yourself in a hotel room with your face in this woman's crotch. What unfortunate luck. Or is it that you are not really ready for the love of your life. Not only do you regret 'cheating' on him but given it was his own sister, you still seek out this woman. We're betting you're just sabotaging anything that leads you towards a monogamous relationship. It's OK to avoid such relationships as long as you're honest with yourself and others about your intentions. This poor schmuck you're dating either deserves the truth or for you to leave him alone and no matter which sibling you choose, one will be hurt, welcome to responsibility. Whatever you do, stop using your bisexuality as an excuse for being unfaithful!

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