My Vagina Farts After Sex!?

Dear Couch,

Sometimes after my boyfriend and I have sex, air comes out of my vagina in a manner very similar to a fart complete with the embarrassing sound-effects. My boyfriend insists it does not bother him, but I was just wondering if there was any way to prevent this from happening?

a Little Disturbed

Dear Noisy One,

What Ya got there honey is a case of the Varts! This is not uncommon. Welcome to the club! As you've guessed, this is the result of air being pushed into your vagina during normal intercourse. It may be a particular position that causes this for you but you should know this by now. What you can do is use a little lube to help avoid allowing the air in. Another option is Kegel exercises. These tighten the pubococcygeus muscle which is a grouping of muscle that not only support the bladder and prevent urinary incontinence, particularly after the strain of child birth, but also are the ' gripping' muscles of the vagina during intercourse. There is even a vaginal barbell for this fitness goal called Natural Contours Energie. We suggest you start with the simple exercises before moving on to the barbell. And let this be a lesson to all you kiddies out there! If you work hard and study long, you too may have sleazy sex advice columnists uttering your name for the rest eternity, just like Dr. Kegel!

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