I'm 50 lbs. Overweight and I'm Feeling Unsexy!?

Dear Couch,

I'll make this quick, I'm just wondering how does one improve their own sexual self confidence? I'm about 50 lbs. overweight, and it bothers me more than my boyfriend ( he really doesn't care, he loves everything about me ) But I'm afraid that I'll be too heavy to be on top or get the ' right' motion going... I would really would like to do this for him, I would like to become a better lover for both of us. Is there any info you can give all us chubby chic's who wanna please our man, but aren't sure how to get over the self image thing.

Duckie's Doll

Dear Doll,

We'll make this quicker. Lose 50 lbs.! Yea yea yea, we know! It's the year of Wake Up! I'm Fat! and FAT!SO? and that's not a very politically correct response but we're not here to be PC. You, yourself, state you are overweight and that it ' bothers' you. Do something about it! We're not fat-nazis and don't expect everyone to have a model's body but we do encourage people to eat moderately and exercise. This alone should result in you feeling more fit and thus make you a better lover. Losing weight doesn't require an expensive gym membership or equipment. All it takes is a minimum of thirty minutes of vigorous walking every day. You really don't need to diet either, just keep your daily caloric intake under 2000 and percentage of calories from fat to 25 or less. That's it. But if you'd rather keep stuffing Ho-Ho's in your mouth you may want to refer to this fat sex site and get a copy of Sexy at Any Size.

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