Tongue Piercings and Oral Sex?!

Dear Couch,

I have heard many people saying that when a man or woman gets his or her tongue pierced, it makes oral sex much better for the recipient. I have been thinking about getting this done, for the look, if anything. However, if this will heighten my partner's sexual experience, that adds yet another reason for me to get it done. So, does it make oral sex better?


Dear George,

Everyone that's known someone who got their tongue pierced has heard the same story. They think they are suddenly the Olympic Gold Medallist of oral sex! Of course no one can make them prove it at the time as ' it has to heal first' . Personally, we have never had mind blowing oral from someone with a pierced tongue and in fact, when the piercee thinks that little barbell is all they need to use, it gets rather boring watching them try and use their toy alone, waiting for the moans of ' oh yes'. Face it! If you don't give good oral, that hunk of metal is not going to make a pooper worth of difference. Brush up on your skills with How to Suck Cock, Muff-Diving how to and/or a Comprehensive Illustrated Manual on the Joyful Art of Cunnilingus. For those that are pierced and feel they are good mouth lovers, we found some cute toys called tongue ticklers to put on that barbell but don't count on these to make you the Mark Spitz of mouth sex. Just to let you know, if you're prone towards performing cunnilingus you should place your piercing towards the front of your tongue and if your focus is fellatio you should place your piercing towards the back of the tongue. Good luck.

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