I Have Back Pain and am Taking Percocet, Soma, and Tylenol 4 and I Can't Have an Orgasm?!?!

Dear Couch,

I have a serious back condition which is resulting in surgery at the end of July. To help with my pain I am currently taking Percocet,soma and Tylenol 4's. The problem I am having is my sex drive had dropped off dramatically. I really enjoy sex and my hubby of 6 years is a wonderful lover. I am just having a very hard time getting sexually aroused. When we do make love it is virtually impossible for me to have am orgasm no matter what he tries. It is very frustrating for me because I can't even masturbate myself to orgasm. I haven't had an orgasm in months and I'm about to go crazy!! When we make love it feels very good and I get the feeling that I want to have an orgasm, but it seems like that extra " oomph" is just not there in my clitoris to get me over the edge. I talked to my doctor, but he doesn't really have any advice for me. I know its my medication, but is there anything you can suggest to try to make it a little easier for me to get aroused enough to have an orgasm?? I'm really at a loss, and feeling pretty depressed about the whole thing. I know you're busy, but would love some advice. Thanks so much....

Frustrated in N.H. J.P.

P.S. I've tried my vibrator, but it doesn't really help...

Dear Numb,

Of course it's your medication! You're on enough painkillers to drop a water buffalo!! Now you have a deeper understanding of the expression, " There's a fine line between pleasure and pain." We're surprised that when you talked to your doctor neither of you broached the subject of a med-holiday. That would be going off all or some of your painkillers for a day or so for the purpose of having sex. Don't do this on our advice though. Talk to your doctor about it first.You may have to resign yourself to your situation until after the surgery and healing process. Face it. You've got a back injury serious enough to require surgery. You're temporarily broken. Accept this, if for no other reason to cut down on one more anxiety in your life right now. Just remind yourself you'll be back to your same old 'shagging' shape in no time.

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