Our New 'Jelly' Butt Plug Causes a Burning Sensation??

Dear Couch,

My wife and I enjoy anal stimulation during various sexual activities. We recently purchased a vibrating " jelly" butt plug (made by Ben Wa Novelties Corp.) and would be enjoying it EXCEPT for the VERY intense burning sensation we both get shortly after insertion. This occurs regardless of whether the vibrator is turned on or not. We washed it thoroughly after unpacking it and after each attempted use, but the problem remains. This has not happened with sex toys made from other materials.

Can you explain this?


Dear Ouchy,

We can explain anything. We might not be right but it'll sound good. First we're going to scold you for buying cheap, inferior sex toys. " Jelly" butt plugs and 'dildos' that are not made from silicone are porous and cannot be completely cleaned. Why is this particular toy causing a  burning sensation? No idea, but you should just toss it and buy a silicone toy. We can recommend two online quality toy stores Good Vibrations and Toys in Babeland. For those interested in introducing sex toys into your bedroom (or kitchen counter) try Come Play With Me: Games and Toys for Creative Lovers. If you're not willing to throw it away, you should only use cheap, porous, " jelly" products with a new condom on it each time. If you continue to have this unusual burning you should of course go to your doctor and tell him the truth. Your good health is more important than any embarrassment you may feel.

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