What is the 'Natural' Version of Viagra?

Dear Couch,

Do you know what the ' natural' version of Viagra is called, and where you can get it?


Dear Limpy,

The natural version of Viagra is called ' youth' . With all those graying baby boomers out there, you'll see a lot more treatments for aging related problems which is great for the rest of us, except for them breaking the Social Security and Medicare bank. There may actually be more ' natural Viagra' products then there are stinky old hippie baby boomers. The top three ' natural Viagra' products we've seen are Damiana, Yohimbine, and many herbal variations calling themselves ' natural Viagra' .

Let's get these moronic herbal variations out of the way first. For some reason, there's a significant market out there for people who are willing to pay for unproven, and untested herbal products before they go to their doctor, a gym, their friend, or their spouse. These morons take 20-30 'herbal' concoctions a day, which gets expensive, and expect all of their problems to go away. We're betting it's the baby boomers. Damn their wrinkling hides!!!

Then there's Damiana, an herb native to Mexico and the ingredient in many products claiming to be cures for impotence or aphrodisiacs. No solid research has shown any Viagra type effects from Damiana but given the fact that most of the products sold contain other ingredients that may have more of an aphrodisiac affect like liqueur, then who can tell. We're pretty sure this product gets most of it's boost from a Western phenomena known as ' worshipping the savage' . This is when technologically advanced cultures accept claims of tribal remedies without analysis in a stupid, romantic, hippie, baby boomer fashion and it's silly!

Then there is Yohimbine. Sold as a prescription medication and as an herbal extract, this is another one with roots (pun intended) in ancient tribal penis empowerment. Even as a pharmaceutical there is no consistent evidence of effective impotence treatment. A more realistic view of it's ineffectiveness is the fact that hordes of Japanese NEVER flew to the US to pay ten dollars a pill for those little Yohimbine gems like people have Viagra. Let this provide you with a standard rule for examining impotence treatments, ' Make it stiff, and they will come!

The real problem with all these remedies, Viagra included, is the fact that most men aren't looking for a cure for real impotence but rather a pill they can pop to make whatever they find lacking in their sex lives better. Too many fully sexually functional men and women have tried to obtain Viagra to artificially provide them whatever they felt their sex lives were lacking. Let's get one thing straight, Viagra is effective in treating male impotence, generally due to aging, ONLY!!!! It is not a panacea for premature ejaculation or the like! Hell! Ask Bob Dole yourself!! In case you haven't gotten the point yet, no pill will bring your sex life to a pinnacle, only some open discussion and realistic research from you and your partner will improve your sex lives! For a book along these lines try, Beyond Viagra: A Commonsense Guide to Building a Healthy Sexual Relationship for Both Men and Women.

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