I Lied to my Boyfriend About Being a Virgin but Now I May Have an STD!?

Dear Couch,

I am 20 years old and have been seeing my boyfriend for a little over a year now. When we met I found out that he was a virgin and so I lied to him and told him I was too. The thing is, I have slept with about 7 other guys beside him and not all of them were protected. I recently discovered a small bump on the upper part of my cervix and I fear that I may have contracted a disease during my past relationships. How can I tell my boyfriend I was not a virgin, I lied to him, and I may have a disease? If I do have something he has it too because sadly I took his virginity. I just don't know what to do. I fear he'll consider me a slut.


Been around the block a few times

Dear Lying Slut,

What would your boyfriend think is worse? Lying to him about being a virgin or telling him up front that you've had sex with ' about seven other guys' . Well it doesn't matter anymore cause when you tell him he'll think you're a liar and a slut. You slut! You liar! You lying little slut! Just kidding. Relax a little.

We understand why you initially told your boyfriend you were a virgin. Before we consider the less probable possibilities of him finding out you were not, lets deal with this more imminent problem. If you do have an STD, then you have no other option than to come clean with your Bo' as he, more than likely, has contracted it from you and unless he's a lying slut like you, will conclude that you are a lying slut. So first step is get tested! No whining about insurance and all that. Just check out this STD clinic locator. Drag your bumpy cootchy down there and find out if you're Typhoid Mary!

Now, you can make what is called an informed decision, which is more than your boyfriend had. If you are positive for something (it would have to be Herpes to pop up after a year) then you have no choice. Time to spill your guts, crying might help, and tell him the whole truth. Also take this opportunity to give him his little appointment card for the STD clinic as he will need to be tested and treated as well. If you are not positive then you have an option. You can choose not to tell him and take your chances he never finds out, like, at your wedding reception when some old friend has too many and starts telling stories about the time you were doing it in the dorm laundry room on top of a washer with too many sneakers in it. The other side of this is finding an opportune time to tell him you had indeed been with other men before him but that you adore him and of course had an STD check to make sure you would not give him anything and of course it was clean. The emphasis no matter what you do is to let him know you only lied about not being a virgin because you were so attracted to him you didn't want to turn him off. Good Luck.

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