My Sweetie Wants Me to Buy Some Ben Wa Balls But Do They Really Work??

Dear Couch,

Can you enlighten us regarding Ben Wa Balls? Their history, usefulness, proper way to use, etc.? My sweetie wants to buy me some, but I tried them once years ago and as I recall it was a big, fat nothing. Do they really work (And how?) or are they overrated and just another gimmick that has lasted longer than most?


Dear Pretty much On the Money,

Ben Wa BallsBen Wa Balls are supposedly an invention of the orient where women would supposedly fill hollow ivory balls with mercury and enjoy the little gems rolling around in their twats. Given the now known health effects of exposure to mercury, we're surprised anyone survived long enough to pass on the Ben Wa practice. In their current product incarnation, the metal balls of course do not contain anything much less poisonous mercury. There are some other balls on the market, Duotone balls, that are plastic tied together with a string and contain a smaller metal ball within to supposedly create a rolling around stimulation. There is a news group called that is supposed to include anecdotes about these devices however we don't read the news groups so give it a shot yourself. The proper way to use these two sexual toys is to insert then into the vagina and go about your normal activities, enjoying the pleasures they provide.

That's were the problem arises. Most women who try these round promises are quickly disappointed. They find no sexual stimulation whatsoever and annoyingly enough, if they happen to sneeze in the bank line, a ball may come flying out clanking along the floor, causing a bomb scare. The Ben Wa debate breaks down into two camps. As we've already mentioned, the women that say this is bogus crap taking advantage of under orgasmed women, and those that say the Western ideal of sexual stimulation is as overdone as the rest of our culture. They say Ben Wa balls are not the equivalent of vibrating dildos designed to provide fast and huge orgasms but rather a tool to help women get in touch with the subtle feelings of their vagina. The main problem proponents of Ben Wa balls say is the source of women's dissatisfaction, is their use of tampons. They state, and possibly with some merit, that the use of tampons desensitizes women to the same subtle vaginal sensations that the balls are supposed to get them in touch with.

Our opinion is try them again if you want to. They're pretty cheap and given this new knowledge you may find they do what the pro Ben Wa people say they're supposed to. However, don't let your 'sweetie' push you into using them. You know your vagina and your past experience with Ben Wa better than he does.

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