Is There Something Wrong With Dating My Half Brother!?!?

Dear Couch,

What do you do when you fall in love with the wrong person? I met a guy who, it turned out, is my half brother. We were great friends and then it progressed to more. I've honestly never felt so perfectly matched with someone before. It's so hard to walk away. I was adopted and he was abandoned. We're older, both have grown children, and simply want to share a life together. Is there something wrong with this?


Dear Another Springer Guest,

Well we'd like to help you with your sordid little affair but apparently we lack the sensitivity to offer advice on incestuous relationships. Just look at this complaint we received to a question, far too similar to yours:
Dear Couch,

I am the writer of April's ' Should I have sex with my long lost blood brother?.' I was both outraged and offended with your lack of understanding. Recently I have moved in with my brother, and, thanks to your site, our sex life is very exciting. I just want you to know that we are not unmoral, not crazy - but in love.

Thanks again,
-Rebecca (AKA - Mental Toast)

Obviously our lack of understanding of this type of inbred coupling was dissatisfactory to this reader but, we're sticking to our guns on this one. Firstly, our argument is obviously concerned with the intentional or accidental breeding of yourselves. The taboo against inbreeding not only exists in religions but within successful cultures. We don't mention the religious aspect because we consider this immoral but because it's one of the few things religions ever were consistently correct about. There is a very concrete reason incest is a no-no in 99.99 of cultures.... you make gimps that way! The chances of genetic problems are bad enough with a completely normal coupling, but with siblings it's a given. You see, all the recessive bad genes in a family line have a huge chance of coming forth when two people with the exact same bad genes do the nasty. The rest of us don't need to take care of your frigging gimp offspring for the rest of their pitiful lives so one of you has to be sterilized!

Our less concrete objection to your relationship is one of personal dysfunctionality. Come on?!! You just happened to meet your half brother after childhood adoption and abandonment?!? This reeks of a 20/20 story but since you're screwing you'll have to settle for the Fox Network! We simply find it to be odd that someone would engage in a relationship with a known sibling given the number of available non-siblings. It suggests a certain inability to seek out and maintain what is considered a normal relationship, for whatever reason. Do what you will with this relationship but do this one thing for yourself and the rest of us make sure you don't get pregnant!

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