What is a Dutch Oven??

Dear Couch,

Is a " Dutch Oven" really what I have heard it is (having to do with farts) or is this yet another urban-legend sexual myth?


Dear Curious,

Yup! A Dutch Oven has to do with flatus and is the ultimate test of where your relationship is at. It's pretty basic you're lying in bed with your lover. Perhaps after a loving bout of bumping hips and you're all snuggly... suddenly you jerk the covers over her head after breaking wind! Why in the hell would anyone do this? We have no idea, but it does happen. Why is this a means of gauging where your relationship is at? First of all, try this in the first stages of a relationship and not only will your calls never be answered but the number will soon be disconnected. Try this after a few years of living together or marriage and you'll find yourself sleeping on the couch with a bran muffin! However, at that certain time after the initial settling of a relationship you'll get a chuckle and a look in your partners eye saying ' Try that again and you'll be holding your hand under those covers!' .

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