I'm a Sub and my Husband has Forbade me From Wearing a Bra! Help

Dear Couch,

I am a 31 year old newlywed with a rather unusual problem. As part of a dominant/submissive relationship with my husband, he has forbade me to wear a bra. I measure a full and natural 36-C and I've been worried that my breasts will sag from the lack of support. Fortunately, I haven't seen any evidence of that. My breasts have remained firm.

But still, with my boobs bouncing slightly as I walk, I feel a little self-conscious in public. But my husband refuses to give in. He says that I am HIS BABY!! and that he hates bras. CASE CLOSED!! HELP!!


Dear Jiggling Mona,

Sounds like you need to re-define your Dom/Sub relationship with your husband. Let us refer you to this page which breaks down the D/S relationship into three categories. The first is the standard Top/Bottom which means a couple of people that get together and have play sessions. The next phase would be the Dominant/Submissive which is different only in that the couple is mutually exclusive. The third and most extreme is the Master/Slave relationship in which the slave completely turns over their life control in exchange for the care giving of their Master and the freedom that comes from having no responsibility for their actions (in theory). We find this break down a little strict and unyielding but what can Ya do...the source was a Dom!

The problem here seems to be your husband's perception of your relationship as Master/Slave and yours is closer to a Dominant/Submissive. Time to get the boundaries straight. Even the longest of d/s relationships have to step back and coordinate the rules. Hell! For that matter all romantic relationships go through changes and need to be openly discussed to make clear the roles and responsibilities. Who's going to take out the garbage, do the taxes, pick up the tab at dinner, pay for the groceries, purchase the lube, take care of the wet spot, empty the cat box, and so on. So if  you're uncomfortable with an order by your DOM and don't find relief in reminding yourself it's not your decision then talk about it. Start by reviewing the Ten Rules for Dominants and Submissives. For a book on the subject try, Training With Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners. The most important and the actual purpose of this type of relationship is your comfort and satisfaction, but of course that takes a little work... even for a Slave.

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