My Girlfriend Smokes Grass! How Can I Argue with Her with Today's Trendy Cultural Attitude Toward this Dangerous Illegal Drug??!!

Dear Couch,

My Girlfriend occasionally smokes grass and I do not. Although I think it distances us, she insists that I'm wrong and also that she has no chance of long term effects from occasional use. How can I argue with her with today's trendy cultural attitude toward this dangerous illegal drug?

Dazed and Confused

Dear DC,

Her use of marijuana is not what is creating the distance here. It's your attitude towards it. So your girlfriend likes to smoke (as in pot). You haven't mentioned anything here that would relate to relationship/sexual problems as a result of her substance use. You don't complain about a decreased sexual appetite, foul vaginal odor, or a weight gain from numerous nights of smoking, watching reruns of Beavis & Butthead, and downing bags of Cheetos! So what the fawk is your problem?!?! If you want to sit around and bemoan the supposed evils of marijuana use, then go to this schmuck!

Your whining about marijuana being a " dangerous illegal drug" smacks of decades of " the war against drugs" propaganda! We at think people should have the right to do whatever they want to themselves, as long as it doesn't negatively affect others, such as drinking and driving. This is America for crying out loud! What happened to our freedom to be responsible individuals?!! Free to do to ourselves what we choose and be responsible for the outcome! Get your head out of your ass and leave your damn girlfriend alone about it. The drug war is over and we've all lost!! We have the highest percentage of our population in prison of any of the industrialized nations and the reason is non-violent drug offenses. Drugs should be de-criminalized and the focus placed on treating those people who can't use substances recreationally without becoming addicted. We should also spend a little money deprogramming the poor bastards who bought the whole War on Drugs campaign, as a courtesy of course.

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