We Heard the Today Sponge is Back?! Is this True and How Effective is It ??!

Dear Couch,

My girlfriend and I have been looking into alternative forms of birth control to condoms. We are a monogamous couple that have been doing the nasty with condoms for over a year now and both found the form of birth control to be a hassle. I have seen rumors on various web sites about the sponge, which I had thought was discontinued. I have recently heard that the company Today is going to re-release the sponge. My question is, how effective is the sponge if it is the only form of birth control and would it be more effective if she used say a foam spermicide as well as the sponge?


Dear Hopeful No More!,

(News Update)
You and the women of the world (well the US) can now rejoice in the fact that the company, Allendale Pharmaceuticals Inc. has bought the Today sponge from it's previous manufacturer and intends to have the contraceptive sponge on the market by this Fall! We have not been able to discern whether they can or will keep the name ' Today' but it will be the same product, not a less proven copy, as it is the same design that has remained under approval by the FDA.

Ever since the product was off the market the talk about town claimed the FDA removed the product. Not the case at all. It was simply poor company management that led to a decision by the original Today manufacturer, Whitehall-Robins Healthcare, to find it more profitable to stop production than to clean up their factory to FDA standards. Yes. Simple greed and poor management removed a convenient and fairly effective over the counter contraceptive method for the women of America, and Elaine. Poor Seinfeld's Elaine, who bought the last case in New York and was left with the dilemma of who was worthy of the last ones.

As to the effectiveness of the sponge, particularly in replacing condoms, let's look at the FDA's Pregnancy Rates for Birth Control Methods! As the table shows, the lowest expected rate of pregnancy with a male latex condom is 3 . The lowest expected rate of pregnancy using the contraceptive sponge is 9 with no previous births and 20 with prior births. According to the same table spermicide alone is slightly better. This makes little sense to us as the sponge contains spermicide but go ahead and add an additional one if you can handle the mess. We suggest you go for an oral contraceptive (The Pill) if you intend to avoid the condom or you could read the Birth Control Book to get all the details.

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