What is Tantric Sex ?!

Dear Couch,

My girlfriend and I would like to learn tantric practices. could you recommend any videos or books on the subject or any other personal knowledge or opinions you might have.


Dear Hippie!,

Tantric smantric! We are so tired of frigging hippies and there ' different thought' lifestyles! What's wrong with the good old red blooded American way of thinking?!!? Roll on, pump twice, roll off, and say ' I Love You' !!! It worked for Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver! At least twice! We don't need no stinking hippies to tell us how to bump nasty!!! Patchouli wearing, new thought bringing, electric car driving, hair farmers!

Now that we have that out of our system, let's examine this tantric sex thingy. Basically, tantric sex is just slowing down and focusing on the physical/emotional/spiritual feelings one experiences during the act. Now a lot of people will say that Tantra is a lifestyle, a philosophy. Well that may be, but our discussion will refer only to the sexual aspect. Our discussion will also be limited to offering you links to information as we are not Tantra practitioners. Before we list these links however, we want to warn you not to get too muddied down by the heavy philosophical lingo in this material and at the same time don't get too turned off by it. There is a real purpose to all that hippie lingo and metaphysical gobbily-gook. That would be for you to focus on your sexuality in ways you're not accustomed to which will help you become more aware of your sexual sensations. Instead of experiencing the act of sex as a run-away freight train you may learn to focus on the the trees and houses that used to whiz by. This of course can be done without the incense and the yoga but these things help us Westerners break our usual routines. One more warning though. There are as many Tantric sexuality workshops and video courses as there are get rich quick from real estate scams. Just take what you need without buying the whole ship. That said, take a look at these web sites and books and use what works for you.

Tantra Web Sites:
What is Tantra?

Books on Tantric Sexuality:
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The Pictorial Guide to Tantric Sex Positions
The Seven Tantric Keys...
Art of Tantric Sex

Videos on Tantric Sexuality:
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The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex
Loving Sex: Tantric Sex 3-DVD Gift Set

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