My Girlfriend Has Been on Prozac and Her Sex Drive is Almost Null ??!!

Dear Couch,

My girlfriend has been on Prozac for the last year and a half and her sex drive is almost null. I have tried many different ways to get her interested and some work at times. I have even blatantly asked if I could give her oral sex but asking is not very spontaneous. I heard a friend make a joke to someone at a party that people on Prozac should not be in relationships and that stuck with me. What can I do to help her and myself.


Dear SSRI Frustrated,

Welcome to the wonderful world of better living through chemicals. We're not down on antidepressants, quite the contrary. If your girlfriend has found relief from depression and/or anxiety with the use of an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) then more power to her but, they have a reputation for knocking the libido in the dirt. We hope your friend was referring to the negative sexual desire aspect of Prozac and not being a crabby ass about people needing some chemical help with their mood.

So the medication that's helping your girlfriend's daily mood is putting a serious damper on your little pants buddy's mood, what can you do? The first thing we advise, is of course, talk to her prescribing doctor about the problem, assuming she sees a problem. She may feel her better mood is a fair sacrifice for her decreased crotch twang. You need to talk to her about it of course. She could ask her doctor about two other antidepressants Serzone and Welbutrin, which don't have the same special urge repressing side effects as the SSRIs but they don't have the anti-anxiety benefit either. The book Prozac and the New Antidepressants does a great job of covering all the medication options.

Finally, there's a holiday! You could try a drug-holiday which is stopping the medication for a brief period, such as a weekend, which allows for an increased sexual drive for that period without a serious reduction in the medication's help after resuming it Sunday night. Of course you shouldn't take a stranger's opinion over the Internet regarding medication so again we urge your girlfriend to check with her doctor.

So her choices are switch medication, add medication, or drug-holiday BUT discuss this with her doctor! No matter what, be a little patient with your girlfriend. We're sure she's as concerned about her libido as you are. This means that you're going to have to spend a bit more time turning her crank to get her to that special place she used to find herself at a lot more quickly.

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