More Crotch Shaving Tips!

Dear Couch,

What are the best resources for finding info on shaving the pubic area, female and male? What oils/after shaves keep a sensitive area smooth?

SSS, Miami, Fl

Dear So Set to Shave,

What do you mean, ' best resources' ? There is no Registered Crotch Shavers of America organization although you'd think there would since there are even more moronic groups like NAMBLA (OOohhhhh! They're SICK! and their site is gone!) We strongly advise against crotch shaving. Sure it's an erotic kick at first and feels new and different but after a couple of days it's no longer unique and becomes a real annoyance. You're going to get hair bumps and it's going to itch and chafe. BUT you're hell bent on this path so far be it from us to try and push common sense so here's a link to crotch shaving tips. The most positively reviewed crotch shaving product is Scented Coochy Shave Creme. Proper maintenance of a shaved crotch is a daily responsibility and if you're not ready for this don't do it. Just about any lubricant will help keep the coming hairs soft and some talcum powder use will help you remain comfortable in your daily walking about. Once again we suggest you avoid shaving the area and try clipping the hair carefully using scissors or electric clippers.

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