What About This Book " Male Sexual Secrets" I Heard About In an Email !?

Dear Couch,

I just received an email solicitation about a book called ' Male Sexual Secrets' by Winter & Rutgard, MDs. It says that reading this book can: ' Make a man more orgasmic, find the a man's G-Spot, increase semen volume, have a 3 hour erection, unveil the secrets of penis enlargement, etc...' Is this book a crock of BS or can these things really work on men. My husband complains that his orgasms aren't intense any more and I am thinking of purchasing this book? You seem to have many links to these kinds of topics.

What do you think??

Dear Smart Reader,

We don't 'think' we 'know' this one is a runny poop!!! This is a spam mail, not an email! It's stinky butt spam from a slimy guy probably named Robert Winter who's real joy in life seems to be selling spamming software to others and not being concerned over your hubby's wee-wee. This guy stinks worse than that Today sponge you forgot was still up there! We HATE and DESPISE people like this! In researching the other supposed author, Jeff Rutgard, the only match we could find (including a MedLine search) is for an ophthalmologist who had his license revoked and was charged for bilking Medicare out of millions in 1992. Good company for Robert Winter. For future reference let us give you our advice for spam offers like this. First, do what we did. Check Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com for both the book's title and the author(s). If you get a positive match, read the synopsis and reviews to see if you may want it... and if you do, buy it through one of them instead of some cryptic Pasadena, CA spam-lord address!

Obviously we care more about you and your hubby's wee-wee than ol' spam monger Robert Winger (that's 626-441-1461 if you want to burn a dime to tell him what you think about spam!) so we're gonna dig up the best links and books we can find to match each and every claim in dirty, bowel rotted, stanky breath, Avatar Publishing's, spammer menace Robert Winger's email. We do this because truth is more pleasurable than fiction in regards to your sex life. According to you, the email claimed Male Sexual Secrets would result in
  • Making a man more orgasmic? What the crap does 'more orgasms mean'!!? This is just vague terminology used by people with an inferior product to try and entice buyers. Men generally are one shot wonders... two if they're really in the mood. Why fight against nature? But if you must you're going to have to venture into Tantric sex land. But to be honest men are generally not capable of the same multiple orgasms females are. They can learn to have many semi-orgasms but not multiples of what they're used to. The only book we've found that has a positive reader review for this is How to Make Love All Night. Take a look and make up your own mind.
  • Find the a man's G-Spot? Oh Yes! The G-Spot! Hard enough for a guy to find on you, so where the hell is a guy's!??! The prostate, that's where!.... If there is a male version of the G-Spot it's located between the anus and the testicles. You can attempt to stimulate it from the outside or the inside, yup, just like going to the doctor but in more pleasurable circumstances. The best thing you can do is firmly, but gently, apply outer massaging pressure to this area while performing fellatio on your man. For more exotic anal adventures try Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women.
  • Increase semen volume? You Can't!!!!!!!! This is possibly the second most asked question here at Ask the Couch.com! Man after man wanting to emulate the seminal volume they see in porn movies. PLEASE! There's a reason some guy gets paid to hump on camera! For one, he has the ability to professionally control his orgasm and TWO, he gets many takes to create that large volume ejaculate! What one may see on the porno may appear to be two large volume ejaculations in five minutes but obviously, reality tells us there aren't any guys flipping around with light sabers right now just like there aren't any bad mustachioed men unloading pint after pint of come! Just a reality check gentlemen! If you really want to get a measure of your volume, lay off sex and masturbation for at least four days, have an extended bout of foreplay or masturbation with some visual stim (porn of some sort) then measure yourself. Just remember it's not the volume but the feeling!
  • Have a 3 hour erection??!! We at Ask The Couch.com have a word for that. It's called Priapism. An erection that lasts longer than an hour will become painful. Very painful. Nuff said.
  • Unveil the secrets of penis enlargement? Well of course there are penile enlargement methods that have been kept secret for thousands of years. Amazing as it is, these secrets have remained so until the slimy Avatar Publishing guru Bob TheSpamLord Winter decided to let the genie out of the bottle! Now all men that pony up the money for his book are going to make new demands of their tailor's to help them sleeve their new tremendous schlong! Please!!!! There are no secrets to penile enlargement! How could there be?!?! The only sometimes successful means would be surgery and, if you believe them, the Pumpers. For a complete review try the book Penis Enlargement Facts and Fallacies but remember guys, it's not how big it is, it's what you do with your tongue!

We hope this has helped you with this obviously maliciously erroneous spam mail. While we're on the topic, we wish to warn our readers of the most recent spam method address mining! This is the process of sending mass emails willy nilly, not in hopes of selling the product of the spam mail but in harvesting valid addresses. What began as an honest attempt by legitimate businesses to cut down on unwanted spam mail has been corrupted my the spam-lords (are we talking about you Bob Winter?). We're talking about the statement at the bottom of the letter which says, ' For REMOVAL from this list, please click on the link below to send a blank return email with the word ' REMOVE' on the subject line.' . Sounds great right. Just email a 'Remove' and I'll be off these guys list! No Way! If you respond in any way to the spam mail your address is 'harvested' and added to a list to be sold to thousands of spammers. Don't respond, just delete.

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