My Girlfriend Recently Had Thrush and Now My Penis Has a Rash?!?!

Dear Couch,

I have a big problem.

I recently contracted some sort of rash on my penis, and the skin on the foreskin around the head keeps on splitting and peeling off. I don't know how I got this as I am in a monogamous relationship with my partner and she has no problems, other than having a thrush problem recently, which her doctor said was quite normal for women under a lot of stress. Also the foreskin on my penis getting a little tighter (I'm not circumcised) and I can't pull it back anymore as it is very painful. Is this normal ? Does it have anything to do with the rash ? What is the rash ? I hope that you will answer my letter as I am quite embarrassed about this and it is difficult to talk about.


Dear Crusty One,

Embarrassed or not, you need to get your ass to a doctor pronto! And don't go to your partner's doc. Either she's not relaying his/her comments accurately or he's incompetent. Thrush is not common unless you're a child, elderly, or for some reason immunosuppressed. However, one thing that can spark a Thrush outbreak in an otherwise healthy adult is the use of antibiotics or steroid medications. Being a female under a lot of stress is not a precondition for Thrush. If it were, half our staff would be growing fungus in their mouths! You should have your partner see another doc because if she did have a Candidiasis infection of the mouth then he/she should have brought up whether or not she was sexually involved during this time. She should have come back telling you to head for the lab rats next because you're possibly passing the fungus back and forth without dual treatment. Here's a link to the National Planned Parenthood clinic locator. Both of you use it. Get a full battery of tests and address the fungal problem. We're not alarmists but the fact that your partner has an oral fungal outbreak may be a sign of an underlying problem.

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