I'm Gay and After Having an Affair With My Best Friend, Her Boyfriend is Jealous Because We Won't Include Him!?!?

Dear Couch,

I'm a GWF, and just recently had an affair with my best friend... Her boyfriend practically set it up.. But he was really disappointed when he realized that he wasn't going to be included.. Which was the whole reason he even mentioned it.. Now he's pulling a guilt trip on us. Now I'm afraid that I'm really starting to feel things for my friend, and vice versa... But we can't do anything about it... Oh did I mention they have been dating for 3 years now...??


Dear Confused,

Well let that be a lesson to all you guys out there. We know you value the threesome with two women even more than one of your kidneys. So you encourage your girlfriends to explore their bi-side in the hopes you'll end up in the middle of that flesh sandwich but when the ladies want to be alone you start crying foul. Well too damn bad! Unless you want to be the next moron on Jerry Springer, try being a little more honest with yourselves and your ladies! For those of you out there wanting to pursue this type of action we suggest you first read Threesome: How to Fulfill Your Favorite Fantasy.

The same goes for you 'Confusion'. You knew the circumstances that led to your coupling with your best friend. You knew she had the boyfriend and suspected what his intentions were. The best thing you can do is take a step back. Tell her how you feel but that before you two can pursue those feelings she has to decide whether she's going to stay with her boy or go with you. Don't be a Springer story! Put everything out in the open and let each individual decide. That's the only way to avoid looking like televised white trash! The point is everything out in the open and every one make a decision they're responsible for. But if you do want to take the Springer path, here's the Guest Search page for ol' Jer!

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