I'm a Twenty Five Year Old Female Virgin and Tired Of It! How Can I Lose My Virginity With Someone I Know and Trust!?!?

Dear Couch,

Dear Couch,

I'm a 25 year old woman and a virgin, and frankly, quite sick of it. The catch? I'd rather not have just a one-night-stand (or series of them, for that matter) I'd prefer to have a sexual relationship with someone I know and trust. Although I have someone in mind, taking a lover is more difficult than I thought it would be.


Dear Please What?,

What do you want from us here?! You want Prince Frigging Charming dropped on your lap, or other things, complete with emotional attachment and a talented tongue!? Wake up Princess! You're 25 and not getting any younger! You've already lost the prime years for that awkward deflowering so you've got some time to make up! Being picky about what 'penis attached to a male' (to borrow a phrase) you lose it with is not the important issue here. It's not going to be a pleasant experience anyway. It will most likely be painful and awkward. Why would you want to impose that on someone you want a future relationship with?

Trust us, get past this major speed bump in your sexual/relationship self and you'll be far better off in seeking that man you know and trust for your life partner. The hard part is going to be finding a guy who is capable of giving you a first time that's not a 30 second bump-and-run. We suggest you be up front with your virginity in social/sexual situations and use the following criteria to decide which guy will carry you across that sexual threshold:
  • The Over Eager One: This guy is NOT the one you want. If a guy hears 25 year old virgin and is ready to go as soon as a you find a bed, RUN! This guy is completely insecure with his sexual identity and will be the worse experience you could have. If you're lucky, he might hold his ejaculation before he enters you.

  • The Guy Who Forgets Your Name: This guy hears you're a virgin and immediately decides he is not up to the task. Be glad this guy is honest with himself enough to cancel any further pursuit of helping you lose it. Pressed into action this guy will most likely be unable to maintain an erection for the purposes you desire.

  • The Guy That's Surprised But Hangs In There: This guy will at first not believe you. He'll stutter/stumble about trying to make sense of a beautiful woman like yourself being a virgin at 25 but will eventually weigh the pros and cons and then decide to help you across that virginal threshold. This is the best thing you can hope for. This guy will treat you gingerly but also take you where you want to be. This is not to be a long term relationship. If it goes in this direction be wary that you weren't duped by an Over Eager One!

Once you've gotten past this starting point in your sexual/emotional self, take this experience and move forth as a newly ordained member of the 'experienced' club. You will find removing this virginity mental block will allow you to pursue and develop much stronger relationships with more important life issues than losing your virginity!

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