I Like Showing My Penis to Girls ! Am I a Pervert ?

Dear Couch,

I am 24 and ever since high school I've been showing girls my penis and acting like its on accident. Like I'll stand around with my zipper down when I know that they can see it and that in turn gets me hard or I'll sit down with my penis sticking out the bottom of my shorts. I think I do it because the ladies always think its on accident and they generally just stare at it or giggle with their friends. No one ever says anything to me, why is this? Do women to a point like it? Are they disgusted ,or what? Am I perverted?

Please advise.

Dear Pervert,

You've got a problem here that is going to continue to escalate until you're standing around on street corners in a raincoat, with your skinny little bare legs poking out the bottom. You're a friggin flasher man, and this is going to eventually give you some legal trouble, not to mention what it's doing to your social life.

Allow us to make one thing clear to you right now. Women do not like the sight of a man's willie sticking out the bottom of his shorts. This does not turn women on and they will begin to think you're a freak as they realize you're doing this intentionally.

Exhibitionism is one of the more consistent paraphilia's as to how it originates. You are a virgin male, who more than likely had an incident in which your little package was seen accidentally by a woman (I.E.: you were peeing in the woods and the ranger lady came around the tree). You focused on this incident when you masturbated as it was the closest you had been to someone sexually. Now you intentionally expose yourself for more of this type of intimacy. Well, that's the general pattern.

What can you do to stop it?.... Let's see....' STOP IT' !!! You're never going to find a normal relationship, with sexual activity, if you walk around with your pecker hanging out. You also need to see a psychiatrist about some medications. SSRI's, like Zoloft and Paxil can help with the compulsion to free willie and the anxiety that comes from attempting to break a compulsive behavior. The NCSAC: National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity is a great resource for you to take a look at.

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