I'm Looking For Nipple Clamps! Help!?!??

Dear Couch,

A few months ago there was a link somewhere in your site to a place that sold a new design of nipple clamp type devices....and now a new friend of mine is extremely interested, but I can't find the site anymore...can ya'll help? They were plastic I think and could be used in multiple sets to enhance the feelings.

Thanks in advance

Dear 'For a Friend',

Well we remember what you're talking about but can't find it ourselves. So we'll revisit nipple clamps in general with some of the varied types and hopefully find something you like. First lets review the purpose of nipple clamps for those scratching their heads (and that guy over there scratching his balls, YUCK!). Nipples are a sensitive area for both men and women and certainly a useful erogenous zone during sexual play. Many women (and some men) find great pleasure in having their nipples pinched and squeezed, particularly during orgasm. Being the intelligent monkeys that we are, of course we created tools to help us with this sexual sensation.

Nipple clamps come in many types depending on the amount of pressure you want and when. There are the standard weighted nipple clamps which are tiny versions of what you use to jump your car battery. However, these have a weight to gently tug and the ends are latex covered for your (sort of) comfort. Another type, commonly referred to as clover nipple clamps, are designed to increase pinching pressure when their chain is yanked. A great way to apply that increased pressure when the big O is coming and our favorite! Another nice clamp is the Vibrating Nipple Clamps which add the added stimulation of that buzzing feeling.

Unfortunately, in our web crawling, we could not find that multiple clamp set you referred to. This probably means it wasn't a good enough play toy to stay on the market. Hope we've given you enough examples to find something you'll like... for your 'friend'.

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