What Is a 'Rainbow Kiss'!?

Dear Couch,

What exactly is a rainbow kiss?


Dear To The Point,

According to the Alternative English Dictionary, which we base all of our slang interpretations from, the term rainbow kiss means
  • when a menstruating female engages in reciprocal oral sex with a man (' 69ing' ) and mixes his semen with her vaginal secretions and blood during a passionate kiss after orgasming in each other's mouths.

We hear all of you saying 'gross' in your tiny little heads out there but let's get real here. There's no better sexual act than sixty-nine during those crimson days! Face it! The lady doesn't want to be embarrassed by that pink puddle so do her and yourself a favor and work that clit while she works your.... dick. Hate to drop this on you guys but the scarlet times are your days to shine! You just say ' Honey. Don't worry. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!' , then you give her the greatest oral experience she's ever had! You can, and should, leave the tampon in because you should be concentrating on her love button anyway. We'll cover expert cunnilingus tips in the future. In the meantime you can search the past columns for muff diving tips.

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