My Girlfriend Really Turns My Crank During Oral! How Do I Do the Same For Her!?

Dear Couch,

I have a question and I do not know where to get the answer. My girlfriend really turns me on when she gives me head, and I am having a hard time when I go down on her to show her the same feelings. What am I looking for when I eat her pussy and what can you tell me to really make her hot?


Dear Grasshopper,

You are about to take your first step down that long road to being a great lover. No male is more prized in the mating hunt than the one with a talented tongue! " Why is this oh great and mighty Couch!?" you may ask. Well the simple fact is, the majority of women orgasm primarily from direct clitoral stimulation and those that don't will not argue with you when your head goes South. We'll take you through the cunnilingus basics, our experiences, and links to sites with more techniques and perspectives sprinkled within.

First here's your diagram for the lesson, remember this is for adult information purposes only so no whacking off! The most important thing to remember is you are not a big dumb dog lapping away at a steak. Get to know the object of your affection. Run your tongue lightly around the outside of her labia minora inhaling her unique intoxicating aroma. Gently flick/lick various parts of her love box allowing you to get comfortable with her and allowing her to relax and enjoy your oral attentions. Thrust your tongue into her vaginal opening to taste her greatest gift but do not linger there as this is not going to bring her to climax.

While you continue to pay attention to all of her, begin to zero in on her clitoris, but not too much! Think about the clit as having the same number of nerve endings in it's tiny little self as you have in your big ol' cock. So use it but don't abuse it! As a woman becomes more aroused she may want more attention to that little man in the boat or it may become overly sensitive and you'll need to back off. Often, particularly with less experienced women, their clit can become too sensitive during Muff-Diving to the point of being uncomfortable or painful. Don't worry. Things are not over.

This is where the greatest skill of all comes in, listening. The greatest lovers (" lovers" ! not porn actors!) in the world listen, feel, and respond to their partner's cues about what they want. This is not developed over night but through experience. The best thing you can do if you're unsure is to ask. It may sound silly, but simply asking a partner in your best Barry White voice what they're liking/disliking will lead to better sex of all kinds. Of course you shouldn't chatter like an air traffic controller. Your first clues should be in how your partner responds to what you're doing.

For those periods when her clit is too sensitive, focus on the rest of her vaginal area the labia majora, minora, vaginal entrance, and even the area between her vagina and anus. You can also move up her body, kissing her, sucking her nipples, and deeply kissing her to share her tasteful essence. However! Don't be tempted to ignore your original task and go for the nookie now. Take your attention (and your face) back to your task. Don't dive back on her clit immediately, but rather lead up to it again as you did before. Once your partner orgasms from oral sex you really need to treat the clitoris gingerly. Give it a quick flick now and then as you lap up her orgasmic juices but remember it is overly stressed right now. Move up, lay beside her, and stroke her body all over as she comes from this fantastic orgasm you just gave her. Congratulations! You're on your way to being one of the greats! For even more reading on becoming a great oral lover try the book, A Comprehensive Illustrated Manual on the Joyful Art of Cunnilingus! Enjoy and Good Lickin'!

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