I Have Seen Peter North Pills in Several Catalogs, Do These Things Really Work?!?

Dear Couch,

I have read in various catalogs about ' Peter North Pill's' . Do they actually produce more semen? Is there any type of food, pill, or any other organic substance to increase volume of semen?


Dear Oh for crying out loud,

Every week it's the same damn ' How do I shoot more semen?' , ' How do I shoot farther?' , and ' I jerk off three times a day and I only ooze out a little bit of semen?' !! What the hell is wrong with you guys!?? Do you think women walk around crying, ' I wish I could release more than one egg a month.' ? Cripes! Get over it already. The amount of white sticky stuff and the distance it flies is not a sign of your virility or manliness. There is one time you should be concerned about your volume. When there is a sudden noticeable decrease in volume and pain upon ejaculation but this is rare.

The product you refer to is endorsed by Peter North, porn star, so that should tell you something about the truthfulness of it's claims. Face it fellas. There is no product, food, pill, meteorite dust, magic fairy, or vitamin that will increase your semen volume. However, there are those that claim doing Kegel exercises can produce a more forceful ejaculation. Originally developed to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of women after pregnancy, an added bonus was a tightening of the vagina. Here is a page with instructions and diagrams for beginning your Kegel regime. Please note however that these exercises have nothing to do with premature ejaculation or helping control one's ejaculation.

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