What Is DHEA and Can It Increase the Size Of the Male Penis?!?

Dear Couch,

There is a website on the net claiming to be able to increase the size of the male penis through cellular hormonal growth by taking a hormonal growth pill called DHEA. Is this possible and/or true. What are the contents of DHEA and are there any side effects or problems?


Dear Ponce de Leon,

Of course not you ninny. Let's face it people! DHEA has been touted as everything from a 'fountain of youth' to a 'workout in a bottle'. Dihydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland that assists in fetal sexual development and throughout life acts as the 'mother hormone' which is converted by the body into any of the numerous active hormones like testosterone and progesterone. The contents of a DHEA product are/should be simply a synthetic version of the hormone. Since it's a testosterone precursor and decreases with age, people have been guessing that adding DHEA would be like taking testosterone and/or reduce natural aging. Nice theory, but so far it hasn't helped increase muscle mass or with any other age related problems. And different people say different things about side effects. Bottom line, don't be a schmuck who gets caught up in the hype. For a book that reviews the literature and both sides of the fence try, DHEA: A Practical Guide by Dr. Ray Sahelian.

We'll also give you our standard 'penis enlargement' response here. There is no pill or magic potion for increasing penile length or girth. We suggest you get comfortable with whatever size limitations you feel you have and start focusing on the other, more important, sexual talents such as cunnilingus and sensual technique. Surgery is a possible means of increasing size but with very mixed results. Just check out these sites about penis enlargement surgery horror - stories. One technique can provide a bit more length with surgical ligament release (cutting) followed by six months of wearing weights on your johnson followed by surgically reattaching the ligament. The other method, for increasing girth, which involves injecting fat cells under the skin, isn't nearly one hundred percent and often results in a lumpy looking hard on with decreased feeling. For temporary size you can try penis pumping but please inform yourself completely about it and pump at your own risk.

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