During Sex I Have a Strong Urge to Urinate! Should I Be Worried!?!

Dear Couch,

I am a 21 year old female who recently started having sex. The problem is during sex when the penis is inside of the vagina I have the urge to urinate. And this means that we have to stop in order for me to use the wash room. Is this a natural thing, or should I be worried?


Dear Needing To Pee,

Your problem is somehow anatomical. Either your boyfriend has a curve in his penis that predisposes it to hit your bladder when you're having sex, or your uterus it tipped backwards, pushing your vagina forward so it rests next to the bladder. Neither is a real problem, unless your urge to urinate makes sex uncomfortable, which is of course a real problem! Sex is supposed to be fun!

Otherwise there would be no drive to DO IT! If no one did it we would cease to exist as a species, which would really suck! We happen to love our little higher monkey type selves. Think about it! As far as we know, no other species has evolved to the point we have! We are numero uno on this rock!! We control all other species and to some extent ourselves... No other animal on this planet cooperates with themselves enough to do what we have done! Sure we're a little short sighted about our pollution ect. but the fact is, no other critter on this mud ball has the cohanas to be as arrogant as we are! AND, now that we've survived the only Achilles heel to our future progress, that Y2K booger, we're only going to spread our goodness throughout the universe at the same rate we've done so here. Is this a bad thing? Nope! As far as we know we're the best thing going! So we say SPREAD HOO-MONS! SPREAD LIKE A VIRUS ACROSS THE HEAVENS!!!!

In the mean time, make sure you empty your bladder before having sex, and try different positions, especially ones where he enters you from the back or the side. You may also want to look into 'female ejaculation' on our search page. If you are prone to female ejaculation then the stimulus to urinate you feel could be the result of this uncommon and granted debated condition. However, holding it for a while and then whizzing right before sex is more likely your solution. You may also want to try different positions until you find one that is more comfortable.

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