What Is Felching !?!?

Dear Couch,

I would really like to enjoy the experience of felching my girlfriend but I have one problem. what is it??? a little help here.

Felch-Free and Frustrated

Dear F-F& F,

Sounds pretty silly to 'really' want to do something to your girlfriend and not know what it actually is. Well let's hope she can hold you to this one. The act of felching is to ingest your semen from the ass you just deposited it into. Hope you brought a straw. It has also come to our attention that the term felching is often associated with the concept of gerbiling.

Gerbiling is the often referred to act of somehow stuffing a gerbil up one's ass for sexual pleasure. This practice is most often associated with the gay male community and Richard Gere. This is pure urban myth and the only purpose it serves is fag bashing by the homophobic adolescent mentalities that continue to spurt it from their ignorant mouths. We're not saying no one has ever stuck a gerbil up their ass (gay or straight), because if you look hard enough you'll find idiots that have stuck many bizarre things up their own arse!

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