Who's More Faithful, Circumcised or Uncircumcised Men!?!

Dear Couch,

Are men who have uncircumcised penises more faithful than men with circumcised penis?


Dear Cut Curious,

Well that's an interesting question! One worthy of a spot on our AskTheCouch.com Message Boards. Let's see what the great, albeit dusty, book Sex In America: A Definitive Survey has to say about this... OK, nothing there on circumcision but if you want stats on 'frequency of masturbation and feelings of guilt' or 'Time From First Meeting to First Sex, by Where Partners Met' you gotta get a copy! So we look to that vast information source, the Web. Still no specific studies. Seems like no guys want to talk about whether or not they're cut and/or screwing around so it's up to us to filter this one out for you.

First let's look at any possible logical reasons for thinking being un/circumcised would have any bearing on infidelity. All other things being equal we can't think of any reasons circumcision would make a difference in sexual behavior, but apparently it does. A 1997 study, Circumcision in the United States, found some very surprising results. One of which was that circumcised men engage in a broader range of sexual activity such as oral sex. masturbation, and anal sex but at the same time had a lower incidence of contracting a sexually transmitted disease during their lifetime. Given this study's results, it's not a long leap to suggest there might be a difference in fidelity between men who are cut and those that are uncut but we're not going out on that limb. So we rely on our male readers who have been unfaithful to report their penis status on the Message Board forum. No names please and no gritty details or whiny excuses for your cheating. Just let everyone know how many times you screwed around on someone and whether or not you have a foreskin. Thanks. And yes we know it would be simpler to use an interactive poll for this and soon you will find the 'Poll of the Week' on this site, so stay tuned!

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