I'm a Twenty Year Old Female and I'm Turned On By Male on Male Erotica! Am I a Freak!?!

Dear Couch,

I'm a 20 year old woman in a steady relationship, but lately my boyfriend has become convinced there's something wrong with me, and after listening to him for a while I'm beginning to think that, too. The problem lies within my taste in erotica. He has no problem with the fact that I occasionally watch porn or read erotic stories on the internet. What bothers him is the sort of material I look at. All I've been looking at for months is gay male stuff. I find myself incredibly turned on by the idea, and no other erotica really appeals to me. It scares me though, that I picture myself part of these pictures and stories as a male participant. I don't understand why I'm so into this material, is it normal for a woman to fantasize about having sex with a man as a man? Help!!!!

She was a drag queen

Dear Slash Woman,

Now that you mention it, there is a sub-culture of women that derive great pleasure from the same man on man erotica that you do. They're called slash fans but their material tends to revolve around commonly known fictional characters like the X-Files, the A-Team,  and even Ally McBeal. So you see, you're not alone. Why you and the rest of these hetero women are so attracted to male on male action may best be described by this slash fan which in part says:
...while I look forward to being in a sexual situation with a man, I have no interest in another woman's side of the experience. Therefore, a scene with two men together, both of whom I find attractive, is much more enjoyable to me. Because they are both men, I regard them both in a sexual way, and can easily see how they could find each other attractive.
As far as homo-erotic material goes, our society basically tends towards a female on female desire. We all know guys love watching two women going at it but the same can also be said for the ladies. Generally speaking, women find female on female material more sexually arousing than two guys. Sure, there are women that might be into two guys but they tend to include themselves in the action as a female partner. It seems you and these female slash fans are so into sex with men that you don't even want or need erotica that involves a woman. If you ask us, and you did, we'd say your boyfriend is one lucky bastard to have you as a lover. Of course, if after reading this you still feel like you have a problem, you should seek out a qualified therapist to work it out. Until then, you and the rest of the ladies (and of course gay men) out there can enjoy the book, Man of My Dreams: Provocative Writing on Men Loving Men. Again, your boyfriend should be happy he's your lover.

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