Is It Proper to Warn Your Partner Before You Come During Fellatio?!?

Dear Couch,

Recently, I began an affair with a married woman. During our first lovemaking session, she treated me to an exquisite blowjob. I climaxed into her mouth and she expertly swallowed every drop (which, for some reason, is a huge turn-on for me). However, afterwards, she politely told me that while she did not mind swallowing my semen this time, that she normally reserves this behavior only for her husband. In fact, she went on to tell me that I should have informed her that I was about to climax so she could have had the choice of whether to swallow or not. My question is if there is any proper etiquette as to climaxing in a woman's mouth? My experience has been that most women don't seem to mind swallowing but should I warn them so they have a choice? My other question is why do most men, myself included, get so turned-on by the notion of woman swallowing our semen?


Dear Inconsiderate,

Ironic isn't it? You're asking an etiquette question regarding boinking another man's wife. As most of our readers know, we don't let infidelity go without a quick verbal spanking, so here's yours. Why are you screwing around with a married woman?!?! It doesn't take a lot of class to say, " Well I do find you extremely desirable but you're in a relationship right now. Why don't you call me when you're single?" This can help you avoid being a future Springer guest and all of the embarrassment that goes along with it.

As to your question about fellatio etiquette, your refined lady friend is right. Men should let their partners know when ejaculation is pending. If  for no other reason than to give some warning so the recipient is prepared. Also, as your cultured, married, girlfriend, states, it gives the person the choice to swallow or not. 

As to why you and most other men find swallowing more satisfying than not, we have a pet theory for that. We believe there's a definite difference in the number or amount of pleasurable chemicals released by the brain  Obviously, given the number of years our wonderful species has been simmering, the monkeys that preferred actual sex rather than masturbating with their opposable thumbs, would prevail in the long run. Along the same lines, there certainly must be a similar process regarding seeing ones spooge going nowhere rather than going in a partners mouth. Yes, it's a bit of a stretch but remember people! When you get right down to it. We're just big bags of chemicals with a frame!

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