Is It True That Plucking Hairs From the Nipple Area Will Cause Breast Cancer!?!

Dear Couch,

I have a few (i.e. four or five) hairs growing from the outside edge of each nipple - it really bothers me, as I have dark hair and it is really disgusting looking! I've been shaving it off (yes, very carefully), as I heard that if you pluck hairs from that area you could get breast cancer. Is this true? If so, what other methods are there?

Thank you!

Dear Too Much Information,

Yuck! Just kidding. It's really not uncommon for women to have some hairs around their areolas and other unwanted places. Remember however that just because you have hairy nipples doesn't mean you're a freak. This is a Euro-cultural preference and we're sure that if you looked hard enough, you could find a culture that prizes a hairy boob over a bald one. But we know that's not what you're looking for so.

No. Plucking nipple hairs will not result in breast cancer. Plucking hairs from any unwanted spot is far superior to shaving because when you cut the hair at the skin base, it continues to grow. Considering that hairs grow in a taper, the width for the soon to be tip of that hair has been increased dramatically. Plucking a hair will cause it to have to grow again from the root and repeated plucking will cause it to grow back thinner and thinner until eventually it will not grow. If you don't like plucking, or if you're as hairy as the Ms. Bigfoot June Centerfold, you can try a bikini hair removal product like Nair. Electrolysis or laser treatment will nix the hair for good, but is a bit costly.

Whatever you decide, you've brought up a topic we should discuss and offer links to, breast cancer. As the recently pulled breast cancer ads show, this is still a provocative topic. However, it is as important to women as prostate cancer is to men and both have those lovely self examination shower cards to assist you in early detection. For a free breast self exam shower card click here and for instructions on how to do a prostate self exam (nobody seems to care enough about it to offer a free shower card) including a self exam with a partner click here.

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