I've Seen the Fellatio FAQ's But How About Some Illustrations To Help!?

Dear Couch,

I have read about different ways to give really good head but many times they name parts of the male penis without telling you anything about where these parts are. So I'm asking you for advice. A lesson with a diagram maybe!!!


Dear It's Not That Complicated,

We hear Ya. All those lengthy fellatio faq's and no illustrations. Well let us give you several links to help you on your way to being a champ! First let's get you some guides to the penis but remember, the penis is not as complex an organ as these illustrations may portray. Your first guide is intended for the anti-circumcision cronies but the labeled penis illustrations are great. The other, sort of illustrated, Guide to the Sexual Anatomy of Man defines all of those cryptic medical penis terms. Provided by the well known Elf Sternberg, we had to include it in appreciation of his strident efforts in sexuality information and his great XML lecture we attended.

Now that you've got the anatomy down, we'll give some fellatio how to guides and our own personal views on cock sucking. Here's a big one (no pun intended), How To Suck Cock - A 14 Lesson Tutorial which covers many tips and tricks from the ' experts' . Beyond this you are ready for the How to Deep Throat faq and a numbing deep throat spray that mildly numbs the throat to help add inches and excitement during fellatio. Our view on fellatio is pretty simple don't take it to seriously. We get letter after letter from women worried about their technique, should they swallow, why does it take longer, and many others. Point being, unlike women, men are far more prone to orgasm from any means necessary than women. We think women get hung up on their fellatio talents because women generally equate good orgasms with oral sex. Men on the other hand are far more likely to take longer to come from oral sex than from coitus. So don't become discouraged if your ten minute Bobby lasts longer if you're going down on him. Many men write us complaining that they can't orgasm from oral sex, but that's another column.

For some hardcopy material you can try the book How to Be a Great Lover: Girlfriend to Girlfriend Totally Explicit Techniques That Will Blow His Mind, and/or the book Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. An instructional video with positive user reviews is Nina Hartley's Guide To Better Fellatio DVD. But whatever you do, DON'T FEEL PRESSURED! Sex is supposed to be fun and so is learning to give good head. Don't make it a chore!

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