My Boyfriend Has Recently Expressed His Foot Fetish! How Do I Deal With This?!?

Dear Couch,

My boyfriend of one year whom I live with and have discussed sharing a future together has a severe foot fetish and panty hose obsession. In the beginning I supported his fantasies but it has escalated to constant cravings to the point of being the only thing he desires sexually. I have become withdrawn sexually and feel objectified. My sex drive has all but diminished, which disturbs me because we once shared an intimate and healthy sex life. Can you help or give me some advice about my situation and how to deal with the fetish?


Dear Hot feet,

Luckily for you we happen to have an acquaintance who is intimately familiar with the concept of foot worship so we have invited them to offer their experience to your question as follows:
Dear Withdrawn:

The  beauty  of  sexuality is that it is a growing, learning, evolving cache of enriching experiences. You  will,  of course, need to speak frankly with your boyfriend about the  situation. He  is probably aware that all is not 100 with your mutual  sex  life,  and  is  most  likely open to ideas that can give you greater satisfaction.

I  suggest  this  -  tell him that you'd like to make a " deal" .  Point out, that, like himself, there are elements of your own sexuality that you'd  like  to  explore  with  him.    Pick one such element that is a turn-on  for  you that you two have yet to try out -  be  it  lingerie, toys, dominance and submission fantasies whatever it may be for you.

Tell  him  that  you'd  like for him to explain the intricacies of his foot desires to you,  so  that  you  can  more fully understand and appreciate  his  desires.    In  exchange,  you'd  like to explore your fantasy of choice similarly with him.  Take your time to explore this fully with him - this may go on for days or even weeks. The  end  result  should  be, at very least, a better understanding of your mutual  sexuality,  and  at  best,  a  start  towards  broadening your  sex  play  into  ever  greater variety.  Do what you can to work towards      that goal - doubtless  your  boyfriend  will  gain  a greater understanding.

Bear in mind this could be an eye-opening experience for you.  Perhaps I'm  the  wrong person to ask, but I believe there's tremendous sexual power in the female foot.  You might enjoy it more than you know!


So you see Hot Feet. Your guy finds your feet as sexy as your breasts, and if you think of it that way you shouldn't feel objectified. Also, as Ki suggests, take this opportunity to offer some unexplored yet desired area of your own sexuality. Like Ki says, sensuality is much more than textbook vanilla sex so take this opening to try new things.

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