I Have Recently Been Unable to " Get It Up" With My Fiancee But Masturbation Still Works!?!

Dear Couch,

I have a problem with ' getting it up' with my girlfriend. She is a very beautiful girl, and we started off our relationship on a very high note almost three years ago. I do love her and we plan on getting married this July. However when it comes to our sex life, I have to manually stimulate myself aggressively to achieve an erection. This is a rather recent problem, as until a few months ago we did not have any problems. I would have attributed this problem to impending impotence, but I don't have this problem when trying to masturbate, which I do at an average of once a day. The ' morning woody' is always there to allay any fears of impotence. I am 25 years old and in good health. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Dear Limpy,

Let's review your little problem here. Your penis, we'll affectionately refer to as 'Limpy', is at the ready for jerking off, the morning wood (reason for which we will explain when someone asks), and was doing a great job on your girlfriend until just a few months ago. You have effectively ruled out any physiological causes for Limpy's lack of performance so what's left?

Your biggest sexual organ that's what! Obviously you're brain is creating some blockage between the object of your desire and your man tool. Now normally, this type of emotional impotence is caused by fear of performance failure, repressed homosexuality, feelings of guilt, and/or fear of commitment. DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! Cripes Man!?! You're a healthy 25 year old male and you're about to make a lifelong monogamous commitment in a few months! Apparently you haven't discussed your future plans with Limpy and he's having none of this business!

Limpy is not pleased and if he's not pleased, you're not pleased! Time to have a good heart to penis talk here. If you intend on marrying this woman you need to get all your sexual organs working in unison and that includes the material between your ears. We don't mean to be judgmental, well actually we do, but you don't seem to be ready for this upcoming marriage. You haven't mentioned her feelings but if she has any desire for a decent married sex life she's most likely as concerned about Limpy as you are. You've got to talk to her about your feelings. This however will not work unless you're honest with yourself first. Talk to your fianc� e about possibly postponing the marriage date until you get your heads together. Recommended books on the topic are The Unofficial Guide to Impotence and The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions.

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