What Can You Tell Me About Prostitutes In The Red Light District!!!?

Dear Couch,

I'm a 23 year old male. I'm going to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks and I'm very interested in the Red Light District and the women that work around the area. What do you know about these women? Do they get tested? Prices? Any info you have would be great!


Dear Horny Traveler,

Well at least you didn't ask us about the basically legal marijuana use as well. Yes! Amsterdam! One of the finest cities to exist on our little mud ball! And we're not just saying that because of the hookers and hookahs! Amsterdam is one of those rare cities, even for Europe, that is so laid back you can't help but relax yourself. Somehow Amsterdam has the ability to absorb all the tourists and still retain it's uniqueness and charm. Cripes! We're starting to sound like that travel guy on PBS!

Anyway, you wanted to know about the hookers. Contrary to popular belief, prostitutes in the Netherlands are NOT required to be tested for STDs. Prostitution has never been illegal there though and in 1988 it was officially recognized as a legal profession, complete with those wonderful things like taxes. The Red Light District is a place where you can view people in window displays, placing themselves on sale for you. As you window shop leisurely, with one of the many canals to your back, the ladies (or men) beckon to you enticingly. Don't be too eager. You're an adult kid in an adult candy store! Take it easy and shop around. We can't give you any exact prices as to the going rate. It is of course whatever they can get out of you. So shop around and talk to locals. They'll tell you what to watch for and what it's worth. We can point you towards The Hip Guide to Amsterdam's Red Light District, which could help you out. For a book on the subject try, The Rough Guide to Amsterdam. And have a good time, but be careful. You may find the city so enjoyable you may not come back. We've always said, ' Amsterdam is the kind of city you want to visit... and live there!'

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