Are There Any Stats About Siblings Having Sex As Their First Time??!

Dear Couch,

Are there any stats that show numbers of brother/sister, cousin/cousin incest that accounts for first time sex? My brother was my first (we were 13-14 at the time). I'm just wondering about the frequency of this.


Dear Taboo,

Well that's a touchy subject, but not for us! We can't find any statistics for you but we will say that this is not uncommon. However we need to make a distinction here between sibling first time experimental sex and forced sibling sex. Due to the lack of information in your question it sounds to us like your situation was mutual sexual exploration. There are situations in which an older sibling takes advantage of a younger one and that's NOT mutual exploration, it's rape. The difference is when the victim feels badly about the situation but is coerced or forced to continue.

If your question concerns whether or not you are a freak because during a time you were beginning to have strange new feelings at the same time your brother was, and played around with them briefly, the answer is " No. You are not a freak." We're not condoning sibling sexual experimentation but we're not going to start calling the therapists for you either. The real question here is how do you feel about it? Do you feel victimized or just embarrassed that you diddled your brother once or twice? That's up to you to decide, but if it was a brief situation just chalk it up to some minor early exploration.

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