My Browser History File Shows 45 Sex Sites! Is My Fiance� a Freak?!

Dear Couch,

Today I went into my website history only to find that over 45 porn sites had been visited in one week and it was not me. Obviously my fiance has visited them. They ranged from goth sluts to teen nude pics. OVER 45!! I knew my fiance likes to look at porn (dammit - so do I at times!) but that many!? I feel very weird about this and have not confronted him yet. Do you think he has some sort of obsession or is he overly horny or what! I have always let him do what he feels but this is going too far. I would like to continue to give him freedom to do what he wants but I don't know if this might hurt our relationship in the future. I feel there might be something about him I don't know and I won't like and that scares me. How should I confront him and how should I deal with this emotionally?


Dear Nosey,

There's something about your fiance you don't know, or aren't willing to accept, and that is he is male. And as a male he has a certain degree of evolutionary hardwiring that directs him to have sex with multiple partners. We're not going to beat this to death as we've mentioned it before but the fact is the monkey that got the most females pregnant sent his DNA down the evolutionary pipe to our current species. As a result, human males have the same instinctual drive to desire numerous females. Of course our species has intellectually surpassed it's primitive survival instincts but those drives are still there and using our superior intellect we have adopted our technology to meet them while still maintaining the culturally accepted norm of monogamy.

What does all this evolutionary/psycho babble mean? It means there's nothing wrong with your fiance looking at pictures of other naked women on the Internet. Why the hell do you think there's so much porn out there anyway! In every format magazine, literature, super 8, video, and of course online. Do you think there's a small percentage of perverts out there spending $30,000 dollars a week each propping up the sex industry all by themselves!? Nope! The most average of males will look at porn. It's a fantasy method of being that alpha male primate having all the females in the pack. Is this what's going through their big head? No. They're just turned on and enjoying it, which is natural.

As far as how you should deal with this emotionally, be happy your fiance is simply looking at pictures and not having affairs. From your description of the 45 porn sites in the history file it sounds to us like he was doing some surfing for free images. If you think he has 45 paid porn site memberships, we're gonna say ' doubt it seriously' . First of all, a guy couldn't use that many sites in a week unless he was unemployed and spent every waking moment whacking off to Internet porn. It's more likely he doesn't care enough about it to pay for a membership and searches for the free stuff. Porn lords know many men do this and promise free samples that when clicked open window after window to other porn sites, making a half cent or so for each one they've scripted to open after the previous one is closed by the user. Let us give you an example. Here's a link to a site promising free naked pictures (note this link will open numerous annoying windows as you try and close them). See how many sites that one click added to your history file (and even that little one that tries to hide at the end).!? This is most likely the cause of those 45 porn sites in your browser history. Your man has no more secrets than any other average penis carrying human. Every man and women has the right to privately enjoy erotic material so give your man this space. There is no need to ' confront' him. After you're married and find yourselves renting an erotic video together you may take that opportunity to ask him about his own private naughty material history.

On a side note, we asked our webmaster,, about these self opening windows and what can be done about them. The only advice they gave for avoiding it while surfing is to turn off your JavaScript. Although this is beneficial for free porn browsing, they're comments came down to:, ' It's best to leave JavaScript on as it allows people to have a fuller web browsing experience as most developers design their sites to take advantage of it's power. Unfortunately, there are those few greedy individuals willing to annoy users for a few pennies.' (update 2/01/03) Since the release of the Mozilla browser,, our webmaster recommends it strongly as it allows you to specifically disallow pop-up windows while allowing useful javascript functionality.

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