After Using a Penis Pump for Two Years I Have A Bruise Around My Shaft?!

Dear Couch,

Been using a penis pump for almost two years. My 7' doesn't change much but girth goes from 5.5' to about 6 3/4' . Sometimes after lengthy pumping, it actually takes several minutes to penetrate my wife of 14 years. She loves it and even sets my pump out before sex at times. About six months ago a dark bruise-like band about 1 1/2' around my penis formed. When the shaft is stretched, the color is near normal. No pain has occurred. Before this showed up I was using a velcro strap around the base after pumping. There were a few times I left it on well over an hour. I've laid off the strap, but am kind of hooked on pumping. I use pump about twice a week for about 45 to 1 hour intervals. I've read that bruising can occur but it is suppose to clear up after a few days. Any advice on the discoloration.


Dear Pump Meister,

What can we tell you? You're doing unnatural things to your wee-wee and you're due some war scars. Not that pumping is a bad thing or good thing (safely ambiguous don't you think?) So, you've had this discoloration on your best little friend for six months and your first move is to ask a couple of strangers on the Internet?? Cripes, see a doctor for crying out loud! As you imply, the culprit is most likely the practice of leaving the velcro band on after pumping that extra blood into your dingle and from what you describe, that's not a standard bruise. Normally a bruise results from a mild trauma which causes some capillaries to burst which allows blood to seep into surrounding tissue and discolors due to breakdown of the blood. This can result from anything like a punch or the famed hickie. But in your case it was more likely the blood trying to go back the way it came only to be blocked by the strap which caused some blood cells to seep out into the surrounding tissue resulting in your tell-tale band. It's taking a long while to correct probably because it's close to the surface. Again, you should show your pecker to a doctor.

A note to everyone about penis pumping. As we've mentioned before on this topic, besides surgery, this is the only penis enlargement system that works, albeit temporary. These devices are actually prescribed by urologists for physical impotence along with a constricting band like the velcro strap to keep as much blood in as long as possible. Some people claim that long term pumping will result in permanent size increase but we don't. We suggest using an quality penis pump just like Farrbrock describes, right before sex but minus the cock ring/strap. Here's a penis pumping FAQ for more answers and a penis pumpers' message board. Whatever you do, don't abuse it and play safe.

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