My Girlfriend and I Just Started Having Sex! Is it Safer For Us to Have Sex a Few Days After Her Cycle?!

Dear Couch,

Hi, my girlfriend and I just started having sex, I am 18 and she is the second person I have done this with. I was wondering that if having protected sex (spermicidal condom) during the first three days of the cycle is the best way of stopping pregnancy. Is it true for at least the 1st one or two days of the cycle that it is impossible for her to get pregnant since her cycle isn't that off and she wont start ovulating until at least day 10?


Dear Father-to-be,

It's true that a woman's most fertile time is approximately 10-18 days after her period. However, she CAN get pregnant at any time- even during her period! Hard to believe, I know, and it doesn't make sense physiologically, but it happens. A woman's cycle is not a frigging Swiss watch and when something as important as an unwanted pregnancy is at stake, you better err on the side of safety! So having protected sex is just as safe at any time during the cycle. If you don't trust condoms, use a backup method like Depo or the pill. If you're relying on a condom alone and it breaks, consider emergency contraception better known as the 'morning after pill'.  Hurry though, 'cause you have to take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Since you are new to the avoiding pregnancy thing, let us point you to the most informative site on the Net, Ann Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Links which will be perfect for you and your new thang to pick out the contraceptive method that will be best for both of you.

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