I Was Circumcised At 22 So I Would Look Normal! Now I Want My Foreskin Back!

Dear Couch,

I'm a 37 year old male who was circumcised when I was 22 years old. The reason for it was to look normal in the locker room and what not, not for any other medical reasons. The question I have is now I wish I hadn't and have been looking into restoring. I have found plenty of info but the wife is unsure about it. She feels that I should see a urologist to make sure that it is safe for me. The only problem is that we live in a small town and the Dr.s here feel that it is not required as this town believes in circumcisions.

How do I make my wife feel comfortable with my decision without making her feel like I didn't go through all the channels that I have? I found one restoring method that I think is good and plan on sending for the kit. It is cut/ uncut. Can you please tell me if this is the better of the restoring processes and if not which one and how do I contact them?


Dear Unhooded One,

You're a little obsessed about your penis aren't you? First you get whacked at 22 because the other guys in the gym shower are cut!? Cripes!! Weren't you supposed to resolve this type of insecurity in high school? Now, fifteen years later you want to wrap rubber bands around your wee-wee to try and grow back your foreskin!??! The " kit" you mention has the following directions on their web site:
Using one of the special silicone rings, the skin is held in place, under slight and constant tension, over the 'head'. Skin that is held under slight and constant tension will grow, actually producing thousands of additional new skin cells. In this way a new protective 'sheath' of foreskin is formed. Additionally, as restoration proceeds, the skin held beyond the ring is not under tension and will tend to gradually contract. This results in a very natural finished look.

Sounds to us like you just enjoy doing strange things to your unit. You're not one of those guys who ends up in the emergency room with things shoved up your urethra are you? We would never, ever, ever trust something as precious as a penis to a fly by night internet product without first consulting a urologist. This " kit" you mention involves some printed instructions and a few silicone rings for $20. Hell! Send us $10 and we'll go to the hardware store and buy the exact same rings and mail 'em to Ya putting $8 bucks in our pocket!

This whole cut or don't cut business is a very hotly debated topic. Those against it state it's unnecessary genital mutilation. Those for it claim it assists with keeping the wee-wee clean and causes no trauma to the infant. We don't buy into those Fifties myths regarding the benefits of circumcision but given that the male part of us is cut, we also don't mind the qualities. We are sure of one thing however. Once a man has grown up one way, he shouldn't try the other. It's not like test driving a car you know. Once you change, particularly to cut, it's not really possible to restore your little guy to his original condition. Two interesting side notes. One recent study found that men who are circumcised have more varied sexual behaviors (oral/anal/ect) and a lower incidence of STD's. Another found that circumcised men had a lower incidence of HIV reception. We know these are debatable issues so make your own decisions parents to be. For the whole enchilada try the book, Circumcision: A History of the World's Most Controversial Surgery.

If it's truly so important to you, drive to a town that you feel isn't part of the great circumcision conspiracy and see a doctor there. The chance that you can get the look you want without a scientific consultation is pretty low, and your chances of damaging your goods are significant. You made a decision to get cut as an adult and basically we don't see any other option than to live with it as an adult. There simply are no restoration procedures that will make you what you were. Try to be happy with your penis the way you last left it.

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