I'm Thinking About Getting My Clit Pierced! Does This Really Increase Frequency of Orgasms?!?

Dear Couch,

I previously talked to one of my guy friends about getting my clit pierced. I really wanna get it done but I'm afraid it will hurt?? My friend said he knows a lot of girls who have had it done and now they have orgasms easier. Do you know if this is true?? Does this increase your frequency of having an orgasm??

Thank you very much,

Dear Ouchie,

While many body modification practitioners like to assert their jewelry is not just ornamental but also a sexual aid, we aren't convinced. The most common piercing bragged about as a sexual panacea is the tongue barbell. Without a doubt, as soon as a potential mate makes mention of the jewelry, the piercee will smile suggestively and (hopefully tactfully) imply their oral sex talent as a result of the added hunk of metal. Please!! The simple fact of the matter is if you couldn't move your freaking tongue worth a damn before, how is that hunk of metal going to magically turn you into a fellatio/cunnilingus champ!?! Better to do your homework first with the book, Oral Caress: A Comprehensive Illustrated Manual on the Joyful Art of Cunnilingus or the book, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man.

Some body piercings are sexually stimulating because the person enjoys a little pain with their pleasure. Someone that finds nipple clamping erotic would obviously find nipple rings an asset. Clitoral hood piercings may actually be the most beneficial of the practice as the jewelry applies some added pressure to the clitoris and moves slightly during coitus. Penis jewelry could have the same argument. If a man's partner is into those whacky bumpity dildos then they would really get-off from something like this however this wee-wee's owner is outta control! But you've got to have the balls, so to speak, to go under the needle and through the healing time in the first place.

You specifically mention clit piercing instead of hood piercing. We think of the clit as having the same number of nerve endings as an entire penis and would never suggest someone risk nerve damage or anything that would reduce the pleasure that little organ gives women. Most women derive the best sexual satisfaction from direct clitoral stimulation, so don't wreck that! Here's a link to over twenty clit piercing experiences but note that this site is pro body modification. Also take a look at more than 200 clitoral hood piercing experiences, again from the same site.

Lastly, if you choose to do it, find a professional to do the job. In case you weren't aware, the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) certifies members that meet their strict, hygienic, policies which are the things you should look for in a piercing studio. They also have a serchable database of piercers you can look through. Personally, we give a big thumbs down to the clit piercing and a big MAYBE to the clitoral hood job. But, you know your body better than we do, and certainly better than your guy friend!

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