My Girlfriend Continues to Have Pain During Intercourse Even After Seeing a Doctor! Help?!

Dear Couch,

My girlfriend has been experiencing pain during straight vaginal intercourse. This has been a problem now for coming on for three months, and she has been to the doctors who pronounced her fit and healthy with no illnesses there. Her pain is still continuing now though, and we really want to find out why!

Even insertion of a finger is painful, though she is well lubricated, and we also use a gel to make sure. We wonder if a condom may have scratched her vaginal wall and pain is being caused through excessive rubbing, though we have abstained for a few weeks to try to allow it to heal, the pain remains. She has described the pain as 'needle' like, and I don't like her suffering, plus we enjoy our lovemaking. We would be very grateful for any advice from anyone regarding our problem, as otherwise we have a very healthy and enjoyable relationship.

Thank you. Think the website is great!

Dear Painful Pootie,

There are a few things that can cause so much pain during sex after a normal checkup. It's unlikely a condom would cause a scratch as they're made of materials specifically designed to avoid this, unless you're using those cheap tin foil ones. To eliminate the possibility of a scratch, lay off any penetration for a couple of weeks and things should return to normal.

Otherwise, the most common culprit could be one of a variety of infections from Chlamydia to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Another cause could be vaginismus, which is basically caused by unsettled feelings about having sex. You know the type feels that sex is dirty and has extreme guilt feelings about enjoying a good bout of humping. A history of depression or abuse can be predisposing factors. Also there are some rashes of the vaginal wall (not the normal place doctors look), but if your girlfriend told the doctor the problem they should've checked for that.

If all of this is normal there might be an anatomic or hormonal problem in the pelvis. Endometriosis is one condition that causes cyclic pelvic pain, painful periods, and infertility. Obviously, these problems range from simple to chronic and complex. Your girlfriend needs to go back to another doctor who is willing to solve this dilemma- some doctors even specialize in pelvic pain. Remember, the doctor is someone you hire to solve a problem. You never need to feel bad or embarrassed talking about these important problems! Think of him as a plumber if it helps. You're not going to hire a plumber to poke around and say, ' I can't fix it. That'll be $200 please.' so take the same attitude with your doctor.

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